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A Museum for the wealthy

Miami Design District

Most of the times we associate businesses with income, with a positive cash flow that supports their physical estate but other times we face ourselves with a rare situation where the presence of these businesses just doesn’t add up.

The Miami design district is one of these places. The entire zone is a ghost town and its has been this way for more than a year. But here you’ll find the crème de la crème in retail; this is because here a different and more important currency applies, exposure.

The entire place is a giant museum where the titans of fashion get to display their names and works in the most creative facades filled with dynamism.

They don’t care about positive cash flows, they care about being seen, being prestigious. There are even elements like sculptures on the rooftops to catch the attention of the wanderer.

It surely is amazing to walk around and discover all the hidden gems, to appreciate the artwork and to merge with the environment.

Once in a while you’ll find yourself out of the spell in a place that hasn’t been caught up by this phenomenon and its fun to think how will these spaces change over time.

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