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Miami is one of those places where everything just has been happening at full speed; in a couple of years this city has emerged into everyones radar. When analyzing developers and the big real estate firms it is not rare to find two cities in common, New York and Miami, this is also the case with the important cultural events. Miami has become the south hub of culture and business of the united states, is perfectly located to host people from all over the world and its transformation has just began.

But with this development, real estate prices have gone through the roof making it really difficult for upcoming developers to create projects in hot zones like Downtown or Little Havana. Even with all the IZ incentives like the low parking requirements or even none like is seen in Downtown, incentives must be applied to promote new and small firms to contribute to the development of the urban fabric of the city and stop the monopoly of the big ones that often generate the loss of the identity of these cultural neighborhoods.

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