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The Power of Art

When thinking about the neighborhoods of the world in which their transformation inspires me the most there’s always one common element that pops up to my head, ART. Whats most interesting is the infinite ways art changes in these places, but what is clear is that its use has helped transform spaces in the way no other element has.

Why is art so important in development, well because in cities like Miami or NY where there are dozens or even hundreds of different cultures living in the same place, art serves as a universal language, you can head to Wynwood walls in Miami and you will find people from all over the world, yet they’ll be all admiring the same art.

Another reason of why art is so important in development is because change in the urban fabric is inevitable, spaces, aesthetics, order, everything will change, this is a necessity but art offers a way of communities to leave a legacy that will carry the cultural language of the original space to any new form it takes, ensuring its preservation. Art should be a necessity in urbanization, such as architecture and urban planning as they go hand by hand.

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