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Elevate Your Circle


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

-Jim Rohn

In the past years of my life i have come to realize the true value of people and the role relationships play in personal development. Like the quote says, as people, we are easily influenced by the ones and the environment around us so its crucial that we keep these as close to our ideal self as possible.

The first step to becoming who you want to be is to look up for people that have the traits you would wish to develop, specially those people who seem to have a natural talent in these areas, a personal example as someone who is obsessed with networking is to relate myself with those who are ¨super connectors¨ as Keith Ferrazzi describes them in the book ¨Never Eat Alone¨. By spending time with the people that have these traits, its very probable that you will develop them too.

Another important step is to immerse yourself in an environment as close to your ideal one as well, these are for example places that the people you admire frequent, if you're passionate about art, frequent art fairs, museums, conferences, follow the steps of those you seek to be like.

But whats most important (and hardest) is to learn to eliminate from your life those elements that no longer help you or in some cases even make it harder for you too reach your goals, ditch those friendships that don't let you be yourself or discourage you when trying to grow, leave those environments that make you loose control or that bring parts of you that you'd wish to eliminate. But never stop growing.

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