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The Future Of Western Cities and Miami

Miami as said in a previous post is growing at full speed; soon it will be one of America’s most important cities between New York and San Francisco. But when Miami is compared to these cities, there’s a huge elephant in the room everyone loves to talk about, transportation. For Miami to be really a next level city it needs to increase the quality of life of its residents and to do so, it needs to become more walkable. Could Miami ever be walkable? Yes, maybe, let me explain:

Cities are taking a 180-degree turn over what was the trend some decades ago, people used to migrate to the suburbs and these expanded quickly. Lately, millennials are wanting to be in the center of the cities for many reasons, one, they want to decrease their footprint, two they don’t want to spend hours on traffic daily, and so on. Real estate development, as a response to this phenomenon is also shifting and each year, more and more diversified projects are seen where retail, office and multifamily merge in one to create micro-neighborhoods that offer anything a person could ever need in a walking distance range, this is where Miami could shine.

There are some projects to strengthen the Miami public transport, ill address them later on but today some of these diversified mega projects can already bee seen moving forward, one of them is the Downtown Paramount Miami World Center.



It is not sure if Miami will ever solve its traffic problems so that ill ever become as efficient as New York, but it can offer these micro-neighborhoods so that their residents can have a better quality of life and detach themselves from the need of a car for their daily commute. It’s a trend that we are seeing all over the world and it’s the right path in my opinion.

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