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Fail Better

We are often scared of failure; this is a natural feeling that is caused by our willing to succeed. Our id ego, that part of us that just really wants something no matter what, raises our deepest desires when we set up our minds on something but immediately the possibility of not satisfying such desire makes us back up, which is an extremely contradictory behavior but the human mind is filled with paradoxes between rationality and desire. We are scared of trying because failure is a possible outcome so we decide not to try it, which creates an even worse outcome that failure.

Samuel Beckett once wrote: ¨ Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.¨ what this tells us Is that our fear of trying an failing takes away the opportunities of maybe trying and succeeding which Is great or the opportunity of trying and failing but having a learning experience on that that we wish to accomplish. Generally those people that we often find ourselves reading in the Forbes list of the world richest are those who for some reason didn’t ever develop this fear to failure and often took risks not being discouraged by previous not-so-successful experiences until reaching incredible success, one better fail at a time.

I hate to hear stories of that guy that tried, failed and never tried again and a long time ago I promised myself I would never be him, Don’t be him. We like to see the tip of the iceberg when seeing a successful person but I assure you that there’s a lot of grind that is not so visible to the naked eye.

Get something in your head, prepare for that hard grind and those uncomfortable failures because if you wish to be at the top of that iceberg, there’s no way around it, I can promise you though, they say the view is pretty sweet from up there, specially if the climb was a hard one.

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