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Dynamic Living

I really enjoy giving some thought to the future of living, that is the space itself. It is obvious that change in today’s world has an exponential behavior, not only on technology but it most other areas as well, such as education and development. If you wish to become relevant on todays world, you have to account for change in your plans. One of these changes I bet the most on is in the idea that as space gets more limited for the huge migration of people to the city centers, it also becomes smarter and more efficient, and for some time I have been seeing and documenting several cases of what are called modular apartments (not to be confused with modular buildings) and I think this will definitely be the way we will live in a very near future.

Its great because if forces designers to push the boundaries of what is possible and design spaces with a fourth dimension in mind, time. A modular apartment has a different configuration for each time of the day and designers must now integrate different layers of the design in a way that they work fluently together.

In my opinion this is a great change when compared to the way we live today, I mean the availability of space feels good but in reality, most of our property real estate is heavily underused, using what you need at the time makes more sense and will also make that particular space even better than on a fixed environment. Think for example that your entire apartment is a huge bedroom in the night but after 8am it becomes a huge office and so on. It’s a trend that will take some time to develop in places that don’t yet have a necessity of space but its already being popularized in the bigger cities with a great density of population. Two examples can be seen below.

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