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The Burnout

Lately I have been doing some research on the subject of willpower. Since very young we have been taught that we can tackle any task we put our mind on and that anything Is possible if we believe it, I agree on this but science has actual research that willpower is a limited resource.

It sounds weird doesn’t it? How can something so conceptual as willpower be measured, well it actually has more to do with our ability to multitask than with willpower itself. We are in an era of information and anyone with ambition can be easily overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities that can be encountered, but the human brain is said to only be able to take up to two ¨projects¨ at the same time without reaching a state of burnout.

Its easy to think that we should go hard, that we should acquire as many skills as possible to be competitive and ultimately successful but the reality is that in order to reach this state, one must think of personal development as a marathon rather than a sprint. There is a lot of discussion around the subject of weather willpower is or not in fact limited, if you wish to learn more about it, watch the short video linked below:

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