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The Do It Now Principle

About a year ago I came across a video from that talked about the ¨Do It Now Principle¨ and I decided to try it, it’s a game changer. The principle is quite simple, the hierarchy of your actions is defined by order of thought, in other words, in the bare moment a pending task pops up in your head you have to do it, no delays and no excuses. Think for example that you’re just about to leave your house and suddenly remember that email you have to send to certain person, well, now you have to do it before leaving. It might seem easy but it gets really hard to maintain as any other powerful habit out there, it gets uncomfortable because our minds resist change by nature and our bodies always look for the way of the least resistance, but is this change were seeking.

What is different about this habit when compared to other self improvement elements such as meditation is that the Do It Now principle will directly affect your physical environment, you will be forced to organize your space and its scientifically proven that our productivity is related to our environment, this is why we are more productive in libraries or coffee shops where the spaces are designed to set you in that mood. Another thing is that since you will be forced to complete the tasks early, the chance of getting stressed by leaving them to the last minute will decrease, you can see where this is going, DO IT NOW.

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