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Inspiration is a Muscle

One of the many reasons I started writing this blog is because I strongly believe that must of the gifts or talents incredibly successful people have are in fact learnable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying some people aren’t just born gifted of some skills but I think that we can do so much more with our minds and bodies of what we settle for and that we can actually develop some that we never though we might since we have never been good at. One of my passions is art, I have been an art lover since very young and I have followed the lives of great modern artists like Renoir, Van Gogh and Picasso, I have also enjoyed the works of great writers like Jack London and Scott Fitzgerald; one thing that these great people had in common was discipline, even though they were gifted, they became good at their fields by strengthening their assets until taking them to great levels of quality.

I thing that we can create of ourselves the person we want, we can acquire any skill we set our mind on if we put on the work, in my case I liked the idea of being a good writer but the most important thing was to become extremely good at expressing my ideas, at training my mind to ¨inspire¨ everyday even on those days where I’m stressed and it feels nothing will come my way I force myself to write, because just like great writers and painters, it takes of many bad works to create a great one, but as time passes and enough work has been put on, it takes less and less bad works to create better ones because you become better at that certain skill. Stop waiting to be good at something to start doing it, being bad at something should be enough inspiration to do it more, specially if its one of those things that would make you wonder ¨what if¨, because if I’ve learned something in life, is that those what ifs are poisonous for the soul. Inspiration is a muscle and it gets as strong as you train it.

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