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The Beauty of getting Lost

I really enjoy when designers jump through the professions of design, since the boundaries that define this professions are really small, as the concepts of design are the same, we see all kinds of creative moving out of their comfort zones into a different disciplines; Product designers like Philippe Stark and Karim Rashid playing the role of architects and interior designers and architects like Zaha Hadid and Calatrava playing the role of product designers and so on.

The product designers at the firm Vipp did it again with their Vipp Shelter. They applied two concepts that have really taken off in the past years, the concept of prefab shelters and the concept of minimalism living. Since they’re a firm dedicated to create home products, they tailored this space to work seamlessly with all of their products, making the entire environment seem really natural, as if it was always meant to be there.

What I really like about this type of projects is that they allow creating a structure with minimal site intervention, giving birth to spaces that bend with nature, perfect for places that are destined to be scapes from the traditional urban lifestyle. Additionally, this project is just awesome, the products curated for it are really nice and contribute to what looks like a great experience, it definitely incites me to get lost in this shelter. I really hope to see more of these projects since I would personally like to own one some day and I’m really enjoying to see designers take these risks that often end up creating really special product.

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