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The Perfect Trip

Lately I’ve been aware of the hype that surrounds the Hyperloop, if you haven’t heard of it, is basically a vacuum based transportation system, resembling a particle accelerator that is believed to revolutionize the way we move. The idea that something so technologically innovative as the Hyperloop is actually happening in the near future at the same time Tesla is releasing self driving cars and there’s also trucks delivering cargo the same way is overwhelming. Its clear that the future of transportation is now and I don’t think we have really understood how much the way we travel will change in the next 5-10 years.

Even though the Hyperloop will create a more efficient transportation medium, I still think that the densities of cities will increase, as people will still continue the trend of migrating to the city centers. The innovative transportation method will help us with the connection of communities instead, it will facilitate the mobility of communities that are between reasonable distances that are too close to travel by air and too far to travel by car, making the globalization of the population increase at a higher rate and the creation of the ¨micro-neighborhoods¨ more likely.

Its amazing to see how the whole concept of what the ideal transportation method shifted entirely from a mass based one like the train to small ¨private pods¨ that carry people in the same or more efficient way than traditional methods, delivering the same result with beter user experience, something that will be appreciated by any user of a heavily dense city on rush hour. My take on all of this is to never really believe that we have anything completely figured out, the world is dynamic and in constant change and there’s always that someone to change our view of something as making us understand we where looking at it all wrong and that one of course is Elon Musk.

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