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A Creative Economy

We live in a time where our preconception of the economical world doesn’t apply any more, the suit and tie is more of a rare specimen each day and the creative people are running the biggest companies with the happiest employees in the world. The creative class has taken over and not only in the tech industry or the advertising one, they’re everywhere because it works, because ideas are the only thing that’s irreplaceable, they cant be copied (as a process) and brings innovation.

One example of this is one of my all time favorite companies, Goldman Properties; they have a philosophy that creates an environment where the traditional, methodical and formal real estate world merges with the dynamism and empiricism of the creative one, that’s why they’re so successful and have managed to impact the life of thousands of people. Being inside the offices is like being inside a candy store, the walls are painted of different colors, there’s exciting contemporary art everywhere and the people are dressed like if they were employees of a creative startup plus half of the office is constituted of art curators focused on adding value to their properties, its definitely a different vibe to any other real estate company I have ever experienced.

So why is it so important that other companies, especially in the development world start embracing the arrival of the ¨creative age¨? Well in the case of Goldman Properties, the inclusion of art has managed to accelerate the rate in which specific communities develop because people feel driven through art. Artists have been known as the pioneers of upcoming neighborhoods for a while and they bring up the masses, they make a place gain popularity. But apart from making neighborhoods hip, the inclusion of a creative mindset opens the doors for a different wave of people to enter the business, to change the processes and revolutionize the industry, and I would definitely like to live in a world where people like the ones at Goldman Properties developed every neighborhood.

The neighborhoods developed by GP have something special, their tenants, they focus on tailoring their neighborhoods to strengthen the creative community, they focus that any business inside resonates with their ideal and they create an optimal environment for people with great ideas to make them possible; They create a neighborhood of unique businesses that are happy to stay there and bring people as they are grateful.

“We’ve always wanted to surround ourselves with creative ideas, creative environments and creative people”

-Jessica Goldman

There’s thousands of developers out there building high rises, but there just a few creating communities and that’s what passionate me, that’s what I think a legacy should be, creating an empire where the aftermath is just better cities, better businesses and happier people. So embrace art, design, architecture and other forms of creative thinking since they will change the world and they’ll do it for the better.

“People look at Wynwood almost as a case study on how to integrate art and community and using art as an igniter. And everyone wants a part of the action.”

-Jessica Goldman

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