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Where is My Cheese?

We are by default afraid of change, but in life, circumstances are dynamic and in constant change so why aren’t we more familiar to it since its so natural?. We like things that are familiar because by nature, we seek the safest route but in order to grow we must adapt to the new circumstances that show. Change is hard, its uncomfortable, frustrating and it takes time, but its necessary.

One of the books that has impacted my life in a great way is called ¨Who Moved My Cheese?¨ by Spencer Johnson. This one is really short but with a really strong message inside, I highly recommend that you read it. The book is a huge metaphor of who we are (The mice), what we want the most in life (the cheese) and the difference of the outcome according to how we handle with change when it comes, and it will come. I will share with you my take from this book:

  • Change is inevitable.

  • The faster you look for new cheese when the old cheese is gone, the faster and longer you can enjoy of the new cheese.

  • You can get mad that the cheese is gone, you can refuse to accept the situation but the cheese just wont come back.

  • The longer you take to adapt to the new idea and look for new cheese, the less time you’ll get to enjoy the new cheese.

  • If you take some time, your competition will take the cheese that could have been yours.

  • The cheese makes you happy but learn to let it go and understand that it might not be your cheese; yours might as well be around the corner.

  • The cheese will be gone sooner or later, anticipate change and have a backup plan, especially when you think nothing could go wrong.

  • If you don’t imagine yourself with the reward, is really unlikely that you will obtain it, in other words, if you don’t believe it then it wont happen.

  • Every time you look for new ¨cheese¨ , you have to be willing to change your mindset, new cheese needs of a new approach.

We don’t know what life will throw at us but if we understand the steps to change and adapt, we will conquer any situation. Something additional that I picked up from the book was that we often get so centered on the cheese that will come that we forget to enjoy the one we have, understand that your current situation is just as important as the future and that what you want might not be as valuable as what you have, its ok to be ambitious but don’t forget to be grateful. Look for the cheese but make sure to enjoy the cheese and on top of all, enjoy looking for it.

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