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Are We Done Paying For Energy Bills?

The world has been going crazy lately since awesome Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk released he’s latest invention, the solar roof. I’ve talked about another of his inventions in a previous post, the Hyperloop and even that these two seem to not be related at all, the ultimate goal of Elon Musk through Tesla has always been to improve society one problem at the time, and he’s doing it.

The solar roof might not seem really revolutionary at first glance, I mean solar panels have been around for decades and they still haven’t really been popularized enough but what the solar roof offers is a way to combine an essential element of a single family home like the tiles on its roof and give it a more efficient double purpose while maintaining its aesthetics.

This is crucial for inventions to catch up, inventors must create revolutionary ideas that change the world, but for them to spread, they have to work effortlessly to the common people since these are the end users, this is what Tesla understands and also companies that Apple, they know that if a product is somewhat complicated to the most common users, its dead.

I’m really glad that Tesla created this product, now, they are creating an entire Tesla environment where your home catches the energy of the sun through the solar roof, stores this energy on the Powerwall (A home battery) and charges your electric Tesla waiting on your garage. Soon, we will be energy self-sufficient and the need to buy it will be a thing of the past, I wonder, how will our lives change then?

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