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Where Men Go to Be Men

I went to this place, I’ve heard about it before, it was feature by some people I follow and it caught my attention, so one Sunday night I decided to head there. The place is called Brothers and Brawlers, in Wynwood, FL. upon entering the place, it instantly became one of my favorite spots of all time, it just has it all.

The entire store it’s a description of the lifestyle behind the brand Dirocco, which are some pretty awesome carbon fiber sunglasses that take 5 years in the making. The store promotes this, the motorcycles, the clothing the knives, they’re all part of a whole, a whole of which the sunglasses also fit in.

I always enjoy when a brand takes it a step forward, and as I wrote on a previous post, if a brand wants to be relevant today it must focus on the experience more than the product (offering an awesome product of course) and this place kills it. Being there just feels right, the coffee gets you there and then you star wandering through the curated clothing and lifestyle brands that range from shaving supplies to hand crafted knives and the awesome vintage café racers and furniture, which are all for sale, creates an unlike-other environment.

What really got me was the combination of all the things I love, coffee, product design, vintage motorcycles,etc…..but what really sparked my attention was when I was shown the private bespoke room where they can make you your own tailored suit with all kinds of high quality fabrics and styles, this is where everything that seemed too good to be true became even more special since this seems like a lost art that just a few master and even less appreciate.

So you want I declare this place where men go to be men and enjoy of all our guilty pleasures and invite people to follow the steps of this awesome brand and take it one step further and make an experience as good as the product or even better. Stop by Brothers and Brawlers in Wynwood Miami and enjoy the view.

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