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So You Want to Find The Motivation You’ve been seeking For?

One of the things that separate us the most from our goals is motivation, maybe you know what you want, you know where you want to be and how to get it but you cant figure out how to find the motivation to grind there. We hear these stories about people who worked non-stop for years, working two jobs, studying and all kinds of inspiring stories that we would like to be the protagonist of but we cant relate, we just don’t have the “HUNGER”.

I’ve always been ambitious, I consider this to be one of my greater assets but since a long time ago, I realized that I was really fortunate to be placed in a life like mine, I’ve never been in a real struggle to survive, I’ve always had a comfortable life; the issue with this is that I always felt threatened by people with “HUNGER”, the mental one, the one developed by a constant life of struggle that would make someone build an unstoppable grind towards success, those are the people I’m really threatened of, rather than those who have been given an empire to begin with.

So all this made me analyze how could I develop this hustle, how could I fabricate the same motivation these people had to run when others are slowly pacing, to wake up and have only one thing on my mind and nothing else, without letting anything distracted me. I realized that my best bet was passion, I discovered that when I do things that really passionate me I become a workaholic, I don’t care or think about anything else because I’m in a complete state of happiness, through hard times and good ones, I’m loving every second of what I’m doing and I’m not stopping. So I may not have the secret formula for building motivation but as long as you do something that feeds your drive and you’re ready to deliver, you’ll be non-stoppable as well.

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