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The Superblock


The concept of superblocks displayed in the video is amazing, its like the micro-neighborhoods concept I wrote about in this post. The idea behind it is basically to create megaprojects that put the pedestrian as the main element and the car and other polluting modes of transportation as secondary elements, reducing their presence in the combined mix used environments inside the superblocks. What is really great is that as said in the video, this blocks are meant to impact diversified neighborhoods and not just the wealthy, becoming a serious urbanizing plan, not just a luxury destination for the rich; also, these projects have been found to increase the performance of the businesses inside, this has to do a lot with the increased exposure they get from changing from a drivers point of view of their costumers to a pedestrian one, since it is easier for costumers to stop and take action upon being exposed to the product than if they were driving by, Another notable feature is that the pollution in the air and noise also decreased, directly impacting the quality of life of the residents for the better.

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