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The power of journaling and meditating:

I have found two habits that have specially changed my life, meditation and journaling. I realized that though the use of these two I have managed to grow further and easier than ever before. Our minds are like computers, they are made to think and they do it faster than we could imagine, what we don’t perceive is that sometimes the thoughts that no longer serve any purpose stay there, creating a constant noise in our minds, impacting our ability to generate new thoughts and to do it effectively; by meditating you take control of your mind, you manage to direct your thoughts in the way you find convenient and you give your mind a rest, one that it really needs. Of course this takes years of practice, but I assure you that you wont be the same in a couple of months of doing it.

In the same way journaling makes that some thoughts that were meant to be expressed come alive, it helps you understand what’s really going on inside your mind that might not be as visible and obvious in any other way, also, its an awesome tool for self-improvement as your thoughts and actions are cataloged in a place where its easy to go back and analyze them when in need. What is really important is to understand that the best tool to grow is to know yourself, to understand yourself and accept yourself and then improve yourself.

“The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.”

-Jake Green, Revolver

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