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Self Generated Adaptation

Today I saw the UFC fight between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez where McGregor ended up holding 2 world titles for two different body weights at the same time and I asked myself “How is he so great?”. I realized that what makes him so successful is he’s fearless attitude towards breaking patterns, he’s uncomfortable being comfortable thus he feels the need of challenging himself in ways nobody has ever done and the result is him growing and improving in ways also nobody has ever done it.

We need to be in constant movement, if somehow we feel too comfortable, this might be a sign that we need t challenge ourselves because nothing ever grows unless there’s constant strain. Its ok to want to stop an enjoy the placer you’re at but don’t let any situation in your life keep you from moving forward to where you wish to be at.To have world class success you must take world class risks.

I also read the letter Eddie Alvarez wrote about his lost and its really eye-oppening, read it here. What he basically expresses is how he trained really hard for 10 weeks but somehow he ended up doing the opposite; making one mistake like that against an opponent that is looking for them is a death-sentence. This shows how in life we cant ever get complacent, not even in the last minute because there’s always someone who is determined to go non stop until the end. I really liked this part of his letter:

“Every Time I get into the cage I negotiate being vulnerable and possibly embarrassed against the opportunity to do something great and Grow more . I always choose the latter regardless of the uncomfortability and anxiety it brings to me , I think this choice is the only reason I ever succeeded in the first place.”

-Eddie Alvarez


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