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There’s been a lot of talk about what future trends our cities will follow in the decades to come, one of the most complex ones is what to do with the suburbs that were designed in the periphery of cities as car oriented neighborhoods in a world where people (millenials) seek the urban core, the mixed environments, the walkability and the sustainability?. Here’s where a new concept came to life, the surbs or suburban areas, these are places that try to mimic the urban centers of big cities in the already existing suburbs, bringing the mixed spaces to places that where basically just planned as living environments. The surbs are meant to be mixed use cores that work as nodes that connect each other to generate walkable paths in the suburban areas.

The biggest issue with this concept is that is difficult to generate a space that’s not car dependable inside areas that are incredibly dependable of them, especially because of the required infrastructure needed to do store them. Also, this elements just mimic the idea of a sustainable environment but don’t really address to fix the wrong that is in the incredibly unsustainable life of the surbs; although developing the surbs might spark the growth of new urban cores in these spaces, ultimately creating new cities.

I think we should study this concept as we will for sure be seeing a lot of these developments in the near future and they might pave the way of how our cities and suburbs will interact in the future, it does tries to answer the questions “what to do with all this space of the suburbs?” and “how to reduce the footprint of them?”

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