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I once read a quote that said “Your life is as good as your mindset”, I cant really remember who said it but it has been stuck in my head ever since, mainly because it made me realize that many times in my life hard times were just hard because I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture. Now I know that most situations in life change depending on our views towards them, having the ability to change a situation from a bad to a good one is a really strong powerful thing.

Every situation in our lives can be modified, even if the situation itself cant be changed, our take and our reaction towards it can be extremely different and the better and faster we can understand this, the harder it is for meaningless or unavoidable situations to affect us and throw us of our paths. We can screw up, we can do it badly but at the end, we can either learn or give up, either or, life will keep going so its always better to stand up, dust yourself of and move with it.

Life can throw some hard punches, but since I know this, nothing will ever be as bad as soon as I remember the following:

  • Every situation is temporary, take advantage of good times, and learn from the bad ones “This too shall pass”.

  • No matter where at I will always have my awesome family and all the special people in my heart to give me strenght.

  • The image of others towards me is meaningless as long as I view myself with pride and honor and vice versa.

  • If these is are rough times, the good ones must be around the corner, just be patient and take the beating.

  • I believe in Karma, give all you have and you’ll receive more that you could ever lose, this goes for everything in life.

  • We spend a lot of time thinking of how our lives could be better instead of how it could be worse.

  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Hard times will always be hard, we will always be faced with difficulties but these can be entirely different when we are aware of how necessary and small they are when compared to what they could really be and in the worst cases, we can always laugh, laugh at yourself, at the situation and move on but as long as your grateful, hard times will never be so scary ever again.

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