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The Drone Revolution

You’ve heard a lot about drones lately haven’t you? Of course you have since brands like DJI and Gopro are doing all they can to popularize them into mass market consumers and make you think that they’re as necessary as the phone in your pocket. But its not the regular consumer niche these drones will revolutionize, its the operations one, those tasks that they could really make more effective and efficient than human operators.

I had already read the master plan Amazon is making to use drones to make ultra fast deliveries but today I read this article, it talked about how the company Skanska, the one responsible for building Calatrava's Oculus in NYC, is planning to use drones to realize site inspections and data collection of their projects to make them more efficient and safe. I think is really amazing to see how the entire job scheme of most industries are starting to change due to the exponential growth of technology and everything we thought we knew about the future doesn’t seem so obvious now.

There are multiple theories of how our jobs will change in the future, ill address some later on, but what I like to think is that there will always be a new breed of things to take care of as technology starts to take over our duties and is really impressive to see that the future is already here. Soon drones will be inside most of the industries we know, making them better, faster and stronger.

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