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The Future of Education

For some time now I’ve been wondering how will the way in which we acquire knowledge change in the upcoming decades. In the past decades, we’ve seen how the cost of tuition for higher education in the United States has increased into the point where people take most of their adult lives to pay for student loans and this ultimately affecting them in a way that they will get stuck in a rat maze where it is finally impossible to escape. It is paradoxically frustrating how something designed to make you successful ends up limiting your ability to have economical freedom.

The good thing about this situation is that while some people decide to keep making of education a profitable business, there’s something that is growing and there’s not any signs of it stopping, social media. People now have access to any kind of information instantly, of any kind of subject of any type of quality, there’s some of it out there and there’s always people ready to take advantage of using it. As someone that comes from an engineering background, I can confirm how I have personally benefitted from online content, sometimes offering an even better one that the one offered by the schools I have been paying large amounts of money too, the curious thing about the internet is that in it, there will always someone doing something better and more efficient.

So I’m really curious too se how this will develop in the future, the biggest companies in the world like Google are taking on the self thought creatives and all kind of professionals that have something to offer that’s not found in conventional schools, making the road less travel appear more appealing and declaring a death sentence to conventional education. As long as people have a desire to succeed, the information and tools to make it happen are out there for the grabs, and they’re just getting easier and easier to reach.

To learn more about the current situation of the educational system in America, watch the following video:

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