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The Devils Best Trick

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist”

-Usual Suspects

With the recent political events in USA, there’s a lot to think about the way politics work today. The whole situation reminded me of a video made by a YouTube channel called WHYMAPS, a channel dedicated to explain complex political events in the simplest, most dynamic visual ways possible. In the video, the author explains how what we consider to be democracy isn’t actually one, its called democracy to blind us for the true concept and this is done by calling the opposite of a democracy one to eliminate the existence of the actual democracy, the concept will be clearer once you watch the video. This concept is interesting and it does make you consider if the way we rule is the right one.

What is really clear is that what we thought about democracy is less and less clear, we used to think only the most prepared of our society managed to obtain the highest of roles in it, but now we know that anyone can be on charge. We used to think that when voting, we were choosing the best among a set of really good representatives and that this political system was improving our society as more people were eventually increasing their presence, voices and freedom. Yet, despite all of this, America has chosen the least prepared of two questionable representatives that promised reducing the presence and voice of some minorities.

The point on this is not to take sides, is to evaluate the choices we make as a society and ask ourselves why we took them, America showed that they wanted change, that they were bored with the current situation but maybe the problem doesn’t lay in the representative but in the system. We should evaluate if our system really is as bulletproof as we have been taught to be and if we the people have actual power over our futures.

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