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How To Train Program Yourself For Success

I want to share with you a really special tool I often use to acquire the knowledge I need for a more successful and fulfilling living, is a YouTube channel called Brian Johnson. This guy basically dedicates himself to read all those books that express the most powerful concepts in personal development and breaks them down in a really and awesome way to understand it, in a short video.

The video below is about a really famous book called INFLUENCE by Robert Cialdini that basically teaches you how to influence people around you; the most amazing part of the book is that these concepts can be applied to yourself, making it possible for you to influence your brain to do the things you want it to do.

The key points here are consistency and commitment, basically, with commitment and consistency you can program your brain to acquire any habit that you want, the problem is that we often underestimate the importance of these small actions that could develop into great skills and also could develop into awful habits and in some cases addictions.

This concept goes hand with hand with the previous one I talked about concerning the small goals. Small actions are the key to develop great habits; habits that will make it really easy for you to reach a successful living. Its really important that we don’t skip actions that we wish to do just because were overwhelmed by its difficulty, we can often start with a much smaller step that will eventually lead us to the greater ones.

The important is that we keep learning and improving, start with something but start, no mater how small or how slow, some progress will always beat no progress.

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