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Biscayne Green Initiative


There’s a really interesting project happening this week in Downtown Miami, its called Biscayne Green. This initiative is intended to take over the numerous parking lots that occupy a large amount of space in this neighborhood to convert them in temporary parks that will encourage people to experience an alternative walking friendly Downtown. The project will last an impressive 20 days, making this project long enough to make a statement on how much peoples lives could improve if the city would shift from a car oriented to a pedestrian one mindset.

Downtown Miami is a very challenging neighborhood to change since it’s the oldest of the city, its layout is difficult to modify but at the same time it’s the one with the most ambitious projects that pretend to shift the image of the city to a walking friendly one. We're experiencing many residential buildings without parking lots and the public transport is being promoted more everyday as an efficient alternative to the traditional transportation method.

In spaces that are so complicated to modify like this one, the way to do so is to gradually “steal” the spaces that are inefficiently used for cars and convert them into efficient, public ones that can serve as lungs for the dense urban cores. This is exactly what Biscayne Green is trying to achieve, showing the true potential of these spaces and showing the residents how enjoyable their lives could really be if they support this idea into it becomes a permanent reality.

Learn more about the initiative here.

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