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Geniuses come in many shapes and forms. We’ve seen how in our history, the people that create the most impact are those who for some reason have a different sense of what’s possible than the rest and go all out to create concepts into reality, Bjarke Ingles from B.I.G architectural firm is what I like to call a modern genius, and along other like Elon Musk from Tesla have shaped the modern word and are making concepts that not long ago were considered impossible, a reality.

Bjarke has managed to think outside the box and create solutions to problems that others had stopped working long ago and managed to show the word that the way we had been building cities hasn’t been perfected yet and that there’s still a lot of room for new methods, forms and ideologies. The new generation of professionals needs to keep developing ideas, the world has to thank those people that don’t settle for the norm and innovate, these are the people that shape our understanding, these are the ones who become leaders.

What he refers as BIGAMY is the premise that one doesn’t have to be loyal to a single idea, we can create new things that deliver the possibility of two or more ideas coexisting in a single reality. This has allowed B.I.G to create buildings that break the standards of what a building should be, managing to create suburbs in the skies and sunny courtyards in the middle of high-rises. One must not only be loyal to a single reality.

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