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Petrol-less Future

“Norway will ban the sale of all fossil fuel-based cars in the next decade, continuing its trend towards becoming one of the most ecologically progressive countries on the planet, according to reports.” –The Independent, UK


Not too long ago were the days when thinking about putting a complete stop to fuel powered cars and oil dependent economies was just a dream; We would often hear crazy rumors about technological advancements in alternative fuels being hidden from the masses by these nations that have acquired great amounts of power through the use of petrol. But in the past decade we’ve seen a shift in this, with the appearance of companies like Tesla it was harder for people to ignore the efficiency of the alternative technologies and today, the momentum created from these companies has opened the doors for a greener future.

Norway is just one of the countries that is takin big hits against pollution, hand in hand with Denmark and other northern European countries are showing the word that it is possible and even more efficient to support themselves through clean energies and practices. This is a great era we live in, the paradigms are changing and those who adapt faster to the new trends will create the most impact in the word.

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