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Development is the Key

I came across a new (very interesting) blog/vlog today called skyline and I started watching some of the vlogs where all kinds of people from the architecture-development world are interviewed in short videos that are extremely rich in content. I was really inspired by several of them but I want to talk about the one where the author of one of my favorite blogs talks about his life, shifting from architect to developer, he’s called Brandon Donnelly from (former

I really like Brandon since I relate to him, in the video he talks about how he’s an architect by profession and that he’s extremely passionate about it but developers are the guys who are “making things happen” and that he realized this and even ended up rejecting a proposal from B.I.G architects to start his life as a developer. The way I think Brandon sees development is the same way I do, I am passionate about urbanism, architecture and the making of cities, I like to see how people’s lives change with every project and how good design can really impact communities in big positive ways but the hard truth is that money moves the world so by becoming a developer I can find a way to deliver profitable returns to my investors or myself while making the impact I want to make. In other words, I have to find the way to give people what they want while creating the projects that make me passionate, that’s the sweet spot and real estate development is the tool to achieve it.

Watch the video here:

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