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Space is Relative

As an unprofessional urbanist, my job is to think how cities will shape the way we live and how the way we live will shape our cities; To do this I always like to think of me (a 24 y.o. recent graduate) as the perfect model of the current generation, obviously generalizing but in a sense, I use my daily activities to represent what the current millennial generation is also doing.

One of the things I’m most excited for is the new generation of living, the current professionals like me, are seeking smaller spaces in the urban cores, this due to the exponential increase in rental prices in these, but what is interesting is that instead of following the steps of the previous generations that migrated to the periphery of the city and created the suburbs, the current ones are more sustainability conscious and are willing to compromise the comfort of the suburbs for an urban lifestyle.

For this, the appearance of co-living spaces has appeared where people rent spaces within the same property, like roommates but with the difference that each tenant could have a different rental term. Also, the appearance of micro-units has appeared in which the living space is reduced to the bare minimum necessary space but the common areas are tailored to be an extension of the home. visit and

I believe this style of living will be extremely beneficial for the environment and the quality of life of people as it creates daily routines where they are engaged to interact with each other and facilitates the creation of sustainable environments, also designing a new generation that is less consumerist.


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