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Meditations from an Urbanist

Usually, when creating relationships and opening the doors to other people’s worlds, different than mine I often ask myself why is it that I have such strong passions, specially for urbanism, people and communities. I like to think that we were all born with a mission, part of it is to discover it, the rest is to fulfill it and that each one of our missions is intended to create a better future for ourselves.

I have never truly understood why is it that I love what I love so much but I’m sure It has something to do with the idea of being able to impact a system to which were all connected, it doesn’t matter how different our race, age, sex or lives are, were all part of the same city, country, world. I believe that it’s in our hands to shape our environment and that a better future is only guaranteed if we take the responsibility of bettering it ourselves.

What’s crazy about life (and great) is that we actually never end up where we planned to, but I’m sure that as long as the intentions are pure, this place will actually be surprisingly satisfying and wherever we end up in, we will somehow be leaving our legacy.

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