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A DAY at Mount Olympus

It was a day like the rest at Mount Olympus, the gods would gather around a special object that would give them the trill they had long forgotten in the eternal joy of paradise. A pond looking water feature where the gods could access visions of any planet on the universe and in some way live a brief moment of the trills of mortality and serendipity, rules the universe didn’t allow them to enjoy anymore; Not but once, since each god would eventually get a chance to experience one life time at any universe of its liking, the only requirement was for the Oracle to choose the next god to go on its journey.

As the day progressed, the time approached, the Oracle was about to declare the next contender of this experience and the gods craving some excitement were inpatient. They gathered in the central plaza of the Olympus to wait for the sign, the method in which the Oracle would declare its decision would always change, adding to the suspense of this moment. Suddenly , a burst of flames appeared sporadically in the stone flooring of the plaza, slowly spelling the name of the fortunate god, it read ¨Apollo, god of light¨. Apollo, having waited for this moment thousands of years cried of joy, his time at a chance of humanity had arrived as his choice for this adventure was to experience human life on Earth.

If you knew you only had a chance at mortality, at chance at odds and fortune, what would you do? Would you live your life in a job you don’t like? Would you abstain yourself of loving greatly because of the aftermath of this feeling? What if I told you that you are in fact one of these gods, living this dream at experiencing the trills of living and the pains of losing? Would you continue to escape the opportunity to feel what you as a god dreamed of experiencing, would you continue to move through life cautiously?

You are Apollo, you are living your dream. Love and loose, grow, fall, live.

As you only get this chance in all eternity.

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