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Reflections of a Pandemic -2020-

I believe the universe is giving the upcoming generations, the ones that will take the leading roles of the future society, a glimpse of what our life will be in the future if we as a society don’t change our ways. A glimpse of how our lives would be, not for weeks but months or even years of isolation where we as humans won’t be able to step outside, socialize and gather, We will be jailed and imprisoned in the comfort and luxury of our homes; Luxury we obtained at the expense of nature itself.

Yet nature will continue to roam free, unaffected of the treats that put us humans in confinement, taking back the place in earth we so took for granted.

I think we need to realize the impact this isolation will have in our mental health and sanity. As a species we are a social one, one that holds an extreme value for the approval of others in out tribe and that we all hold different important tasks in a whole where the exchange of goods and ideas define us entirely. Humans are not meant to be alone and isolated. This is not a matter of ethics and morals; this is a matter of survival.

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